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Yolanda, the designer of the GWEICH vacuum cleaner, was inspired by the natural landscape of Colorado and launched the valley and lake series products to create the ultimate experience of "intelligence + design". As a woman, she is acutely aware of the pleasurable enjoyment that efficient tools free women from housework.
"The greatness and fabulous of nature are the source of our inspiration for designing this vacuum cleaner, and now we have the opportunity to bring this vacuum cleaner to every woman, hoping that they will fall in love with this gentle gift from nature."

—— Yolanda, Asian Industrial Designer
Brand Introduction
Practice the new ideas of housework freedom, embrace a quality life, and enjoy the American middle-class lifestyle as free as the wind.
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    | Brand Mission

    —— Brand Mission

    Through the people-oriented "extreme design", users can truly feel the pleasant life experience brought by the freedom of housework.

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    | Brand Positioning

    —— Brand Positioning

    It is the supporter of freedom in housework, oriented towards the young and pioneering group who pursue internationalization, modernization, and personalized life, which is not only a smart home appliance brand but also a positive lifestyle.

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    | Brand Story

    —— Brand Story

    GWEICH, co-founded by American engineer Weichel Geller and Asian industrial designer Yolanda, is a brand from Colorado, the United States. Dr. Geller once saw a peculiar-looking fish sucking onto the bottom of a ship during a sailing trip with an ocean-going fleet. In 2015, inspired by Echeneis naucrates, Dr. Geller and his team developed the Suction Principle technology.

Brand Design
With innovative and intelligent deep cleaning, it helps women "free their hands" from busy housework and have more free time to be themselves.


The simple design gives people a sense of relaxation and pleasure, which can perfectly match the overall home environment!

Simplistic Appearance


With its efficient performance design, you can achieve results beyond your expectations in a shorter time, and easily liberate your hands!

Brisk Performance


There are many user-friendly operations represented by ergonomic design, which make it easier to use and make your life easier!

Easy Operation


With the international advanced low-energy design, it can reduce the cost of electricity consumption of home appliances!

Low Energy Consumption


The deep noise reduction design removes the "humming" noise, which brings you a quiet good mood!

Low Noise


The product is designed with reduced net weight and compact size, which allows you to move it lightly and freely!

Light Weight
Brand History
As a household freedom practitioner, designed for women, effortless, clean, and peace of mind.
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